Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wimberley Texas

After the winery, we jumped in the car to visit the wonderful small town of Wimberlely, Texas were Arose's grandmother lives right on the 17th hole of the golf course. We picked up a pizza, opened a movie store account, and headed over to the EmilyAnn Theater for the closing night of the local production of Grease. After greasing up with a ton of bug repellent, we found our seats among what seemed like the whole town. While we are all familiar with the songs and plot of Grease, we found new points of drama within the drama. Namely, the age disparity among the actors, even within the Tbirds (some near balding, another not older than 13) and Pink Ladies, made this production interesting. Clearly, the young Sandra Dee and the much older Danny Zucco were going to kiss, but their repeated contact during bows and encores led the crowd abuzz. Or maybe that was the deafening cicadas drowning out the dialog. Hard to say.
Anyway, then we headed back to the house to finish off the many bottles of wine we got the winery with a little Finding Forester. Overall, not a bad day.

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  1. "After the winery" that really all you're gonna give to Franklin Houser, his wine tasting, that drunk guy giving us recommendations for things we can't do, and Shooting Blancs (TM) ...I hope him and Bonnie stay far away from this blog. I am ashamed.