Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6:12 PM – Group Discussion:

Realizing we need some sort of metric to determine trip MVP, we have invented the Faded Glory Value Formula (FGVF):

FGVF=(Hours Driven + (.80(Jaeger Bomb Consumed))) / (# Pukes + 1)

- Hours can be expressed in two significant figures (ie 7.4 hours)
- Jaeger Bombs must be taken in their entirety:
* At a bar, you must drink what the bartender pours
* Everywhere else, a Jaeger Bomb consists of 1 oz. Jaeger and 3 oz. Red Bull or group- or bloggersphere-approved energy drink.
- Daily Puke Values are defined as such:
* If alcohol in excess of one drink is consumed between vomits, the latter puke episode counts as another tally on the puke board.
* Morning after vomitroning episodes also count as a separate puke, regardless of whether or not alcohol was consumed after the last episode.
- Puking for non-alcohol related reasons does not count toward your puke total.

** these specs are still under debate, please refer to this post as we update it and work out the kinks.

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