Sunday, October 10, 2010

Euro Jaeger and Energy Drinks

Blogosphere -

Sorry for the lack of update whilst in Amsterdam. That city sure can entertain. The purpose of this post is not a recap of our latest travels; instead it will be a review for all those daring to dabble in jaegerbombs abroad.

(1) Jaegermaister - classic version as in the States. Not a noticeable difference but its only 700ml in Europe. Not up to par.
(2) Underberg - possibly the worst alcohol shot ever to be consumed. Popov would get embarrassed. In the words of Turbo, it tastes like "the worst Jaeger you've ever had, mixed with cough syrup and then eating pine needles." Others just thought it tasted like gasoline.
(3) St. Hubertus Tropfen - a true Jaeger knockoff. Tastes decent, and is a euro per 4 shots. Great in a pinch or platform to a train.

Energy Drinks:
(1) Red Bull - Can't go wrong. Neva.
(2) Effect - Comes in a Red Stripe bottle, and packs a punch. Big in East Berlin.
(3) Rodeo - Like the Euro version of Red Bull. Comes in small can, just like Red Bull. Damn good.
(4) Bullit - Questionable at first glance as the can has the classic picture of a naked dude with 4 legs on the front. But it is the Rockstar of Europe, so we endorse it.

Stay classy bloggers.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Goodbye Berlin, Hello Amsterdam

Being the only one in the group currently alive on the train as we travel through the German countryside on our way to Amsterdam, I rightfully accept the honor to keep you updated on our final stint in Germany. And if you couldn't tell by the beginning of this entry, we are succeeding in our mission to spread faded glory across the Atlantic.

Yesterday was our final night in Berlin. After visiting the East Side gallery and eating some kebabs, we headed to Kaisers to pick up our drinks of the moment: the standard alcohol needed for FG's staple-jaeger and effect energy as well as our newfound European inspired choice-eiskorn and fanta. All you need to know about eiskorn is that it is neither a vodka nor rum and can be deadly when mixed with lemon fanta.

And who is the ultimate person who can attest to this? (It really shouldn't be hard to figure out)


Not only did Jackhammer take some incredible footage of him last night performing a brillant dance, but he decided it was necessary to get out of the cab halfway back to the apartment. Why? Well, apparently we won't ever know since 3 minutes later he blamed Mattattac for not being able to get a cab. So they walked around Berlin with Mattattac acting as a tour guide for an hour and a half until 4:300 leaving only an hour of sleep to be achieved at the apartment before we needed to leave to catch our 8:30 train.

If this is how we said goodbye to Berlin, it's going to be an interesting start to Amsterdam.

Thank you Detroit, we love you.

Note: another camera has joined Turbo's. J-train's nikon fell onto tile, we are contemplating on whether to take it off life support. We're looking for an excellent surgeon when we return-so Ace we hope you know a guy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Berlin survival

To my happy bloggers,

I hope all is well. Do not worry, even though Obama has our back and is issuing warnings, we are still alive and going strong. First off, Id like to thank the Giants for the playoffs. Second, Id like to blame the Germans for switching the y and z on the keyboard. Thats just uncalled for.

Berlin has been great, Mattattack has broken his blackout streak, but its okay since all good things come to an end. Right now, Berlin has been treating us quite well. We stopped at a bar today that inspired a new themed bar we will be opening in New York City named Nasdaq-eries, and trust me, it will be the Rudys of NYC.

We watched a Berlin soccer game last night, and despite the aggressive pregraming Jackhammer fell asleep at the game. The invigorating 0-0 while tied was not exactly the most thrilling adventure thus far. However, even after Turbos tragic pants incident, he has been doing extremely well with no pants, and his endless supply of shorts have done him well. God bless him, he really has been a trooper.

Tonight we are going Jaegerbombin with a newfound love of one of the peeps in our crew, but we will not reveals who future wife it is yet. We need to make sure the chemistry is definitely there. We will say this though, I have seen some great romances in my day (I mean Ive watched Love Actually and multiple Freddy P movies) but Ive never quite seen a match like this. One of us may not come back.

Thank you Detroit, we love you. Until next time.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Late, Late, Late Show

3AM here. And we all just woke up. Some of us went straight at the beast also known as Oktoberfest yesterday, and let me say there's a reason people don't make it back from there the same way. We had overall an unbelievable performance yesterday, but despite the competition yesterday's winner was:

Turbo (not really much surprise here)

The competition was stiff. J train boot and rallied early, where she won the rounds but lost the war. Mattattack sent the following text messages to Turbo, although we may need a translator

"K aorry thatvankwsbnobawbaw" and
"To I'm an other tharion trying ringer on S2"

Before he gives his acceptance speech for his first winning (of many) awards, I'll just relay his Pontiac game changing performance for our followers. Aside from abandoning Jackson outside of a bathroom and wandering off for a doner (which he probably never found), he took a remarkable 30 minute shower fully clothed when getting back to the hotel. That includes shoes. We'll let you know if the camera is going to make it out alive, but it's uncertain at this point. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

His speech, though very succinct, fully shows his true excitement for this honor: "Oh man, I don't even know what to write to this post." True class act. One of the last left in the biz.

Thank you Detroit we love you.

Oktoberfest Live Update (at least when it was written)

First of many. Sorry for the lack of content. Internet is spotty over here. Calling in from the Lowenbrau tent, we are making moves and downing steins. To the past Faded Glory crew, please know you're in our hearts and dreams- Dorian is rocking his cutoff right now so know he's staying true to his colors.

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the new members of our crew. Please join be Turbo, as I put my hands together for Jackson "the jackhammer", Jamin "the J train", and Matt "the mattattack." We've taken our party from America's southland to Germany's southside and hope you will join us for the ride. We promise to keep you updated with the news of our travels, insightful social commentary, and of course frequent updates of our jaegerbombing. Stay tuned blogosphere.

Yeaaaaaaa to those of you there, having a beer, respect. We love you. We love everyone. Our waitresses are awesome. You'll see us in lederhosen, and soon, be prepared. Much love. Love you. Love you dude, all the love. Holla. At Love. Love.