Sunday, June 20, 2010

9PM - A.Rose:

Forgive the length between posts - we only thrive where there is WiFi. Alas we do not always find this at your average Motel 6 or grandma's house.

I wanted to briefly update our readership. It is with a heavy heart that I announce I have left the trip. In order to return to our country's capital to begin my job for the summer, I could not go the distance with my 3 trusty companions and the glorious Volvo, Ethel. Fondly, I will look upon the adventures we had and the memories we made. And while we parted ways at the San Antonio International Airport just this afternoon, it was not with a "goodbye" but with a "see you soon." We will be reuniting, in what I'm sure will feel like no time, here in the District of Columbia. Additionally, Dorian, Julie, and Pearl will update you on the time in between now and the last post as we have entries prepared.

On an even more serious note, I did want to let the bloggersphere know that I have set up Google Analytics with our blog. This means that we know how many visits our blog has had, INCLUDING unique views. We hope that those of you who rode Dorian to the top of the social latter over the course of the last few years will take note of this and remember all that you owe to him.

xoxo A.Rose

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