Saturday, June 19, 2010

6:00PM San Antonio

We arrived in San Antonio and made a beeline to the Alamo to see the sight where heroes fought. The informational brochure inside listed the names of those brave soles, including a Rose family member. We then checked into the Westin San Antonio, which instantly won the award for the finest hotel we have stayed in yet. Right on the river walk, the views were exceptional. After getting ready and excessively jaeggerbombing, we walked down the river for a great Tex Mex dinner at Casa Rio. We continued on to a nearby karaoke bar (recommended by our waiter) where the night truly began, especially since they had a special on jaegerbombs. We tried to get on the performers list, but the stage was controlled by a few obnoxious employees. After an incredible performance of Drowning Pool and numerous Jae Jae Bombs, we headed back to the hotel where a late night chill session was highlighted by an intense partner stretching session before bed. Off to the winery tomorrow!

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