Monday, June 21, 2010

Austin, Texas

Arriving late to our hotel in Austin, we excitedly got ready to go out on the town. We went straight to 6th street, where we started our night at the Cheers bar. The other car traveling with us had stayed in Austin the night before, and happily ordered us a round of Blue Waves upon our arrival. They were a surprise to say the least. (Spoiler Alert: if you are traveling to Austin soon, this next bit will spoil Cheers' Blue Wave). As instructed we pounded on the bar, yelling “Give me the blue! blue! blue!” and were handed a shot of something blue, which we suspect is blue curacao. Then we pounded and yelled “Give me the wave! wave! wave!” and then the bar tender threw glasses of water in each of our faces. Surprise!
We progressed down the street, enjoying each bar and drink special we came upon. And one place had a great deal on jaegerbombs! After a little pool and (nasty) whiskey waters, the bars came to a close so we returned to the hotel. The next morning we woke up early to watch Switzerland loose Chile. (Dorian is still questioning the red card).

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