Sunday, June 20, 2010


North America's Largest water park beaconed us once again to New Braunfels and after a few jaegerbombs, we were pumped for the 3 miles of water slides. We started in the original Schlitterbahn park, hitting all the classic family fun slides. We questioned the use of untreated (slightly green, opaque) comal creek water but gladly jumped in to avoid the 100+ degree heat. We found some great slides but struggled on the “easy” floatin' ones. Rippled slide bottoms were painful in shallow water and Julie often started floating backwards in odd eddies, requiring significant effort to catch back up with the boys. After hitting the pool bar, we discovered Schlitterbahn East, or Blastenhof and Surfenburg! Blastenhof had the amazing slides Black Knight, Wolfpack, and America's favorite waterslide, the Master Blaster. While Black Knight and Master Blaster (the original uphill waterslide) were fun, nothing compared to the Wolfpack for us. With up the three people in a raft, we pushed the limits for fun (and mass) to lead to some close calls, making it the highlight of the day. While we are still unsure if Schlitterbahn is actually North America's largest water park and intend to continue research to answer all our readers' questions, we still thoroughly enjoyed our day at Schlitterbahn!

Review: Iron Horse Grill and Saloon, New Braunfels, Texas
Food: 8.5
Atmosphere: 7
Customer Service: 7
Highlights: bossburger – comes with an egg on it – wow, fries, hot sauce
Lowlights: thousands of mosquitoes, use of styrofoam cups

We stumbled upon this delightful old wooden saloon in our exhausted state after our day at Schlitterbahn. Offering exceptional burgers and fries, this place met and exceeded our standards for quick grill food. The extensive indoor and outdoor seating looked wonderful for a bar and outdoor music scene, though no one was there when we were, perhaps due to the ravenous mosquitoes circling the tables outside. Overall though we would recommend the Iron Horse Grill and Saloon to other New Braunfels visitors.

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