Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dry Comal Creek Winery

Hey Blogosphere,

Just finished a lovely afternoon at Texas' finest winery, Dry Comal Creek. Located just outside of New Braunfels, TX, the winery is owned by relatives of A Rose. The day started with an extensive tasting of 15 different wines. Some of the highlights of the tasting included the White Black Spanish, Sparkling Dry, and a lovely 2008 un-oaked Cabernet Sauvignon. Though everyone should try this wine at some point in their lives, here are a few adjectives that capture it's true beauty—approachable, integrated, edgy but not sharp, schizophrenic, round. After some delightful tasting, we joined in on the winery tour where we got a first-hand glimpse of the entire wine-making process. Finally, the trip ended with one of the oldest traditions in all of Texas—a Shooting Blanc shot. It consisted of a delectable Sauvignon Blanc and jalepeno pepper. According to the guidelines, you shoot the wine and pepper into the front of your month under your tongue, chew the pepper 27 times, and swallow. It was quite fun, though left our mouths on fire. Luckily we had some homemade Sangria to cool ourselves off. A fabulous day, filled with fabulous wines, people, and learning. If you ever tire of the offerings in Napa and Sonoma, take a trek along the I40 and make a stop at Dry Comal Creek winery. You won't be disappointed.

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