Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Dallas Day 1:

After a scenic drive through the pristine Texan country side, we arrived in Dallas. First stop-- replenish the Jaeger and Red Bull supply. Unfortunately, with Jaeger prices breaking the $40 a bottle mark for the first time all trip, the group made a unanimous decision to postpone Jaeger activity until prices fell to a reasonable amount. Settling for a case of Pearl Light, we arrived at the home of a friend. Ravenous after an exhausting day, our host took us to one of Dallas' finest culinary establishments—Bubba's Chicken (Review to follow).

Satisfied with dinner, we headed back to our home base for a few refreshments, then headed out to Milos. Complete with darts, pool, Foosball tables, Big Buck Hunter, and $5 pitchers, Milos made for a great night. We headed back to the house, finishing the night off with a late night ball session on the backyard court. The week off the hardwood showed, as Pearl struggled to make anything outside of 3 feet.

Dallas Day 2:

The morning started early with an 8:30 AM arrival at Lerma's cousins' house for the Mexico v. Uruguay world cup game. Complete with breakfast quesdaillas, Jarritos, salsa verde and roja, marinated beef and chicken, and all the fixin's, Lerma and Co. delighted us with an authentic Mexican morning.

Feeling energized, we headed out for one of Dallas' biggest attractions—The Dallas World Aquarium. We wandered the confusing paths of the aquarium, getting glimpses of some of the World's most exotic creatures. Favorites included the jaguar, the anteater, the sloth, the giant river otter feeding, and of course, the sawtooth shark. T Being lifetime members of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the aquarium left us wanting a bit more. Overall score: 7.

Leaving the tropical world of the aquarium, we headed for the equally exotic town of Mesquite, TX, home of the Skeeters of Mesquite High. After grabbing a quick bite at the 5-Star rated Joe's Pizza and Pasta, we took in a$0.50 flick at the local movie theater. Clash of the Titans was the choice, which earned mixed reviews from our group. We headed back to our abandoned home without running water, furniture, plumbing, or high speed wireless internet, washed up in the neighbor's sprinkler, and hit the sack.
The next morning we woke early in order to watch the USA soccer team pull out one of the most exciting victories in soccer history. Sidenote: while watching, we enjoyed the privilege of spotting MATT THIRY's gorgeous face in the stands in South Africa! When the game was over we hit the road and headed for New Orleans.

Review of Bubba's Fried Chicken in Dallas, Texas

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 7
Customer Service: 9
Highlights: Chicken tenders
Lowlights: Chicken:Biscuit ratio was far too low, there was a fried chicken head in our box...we're not really into that

Our host recommended Bubba's as the premier dining establishment in Dallas. It featured exceptional fried chicken, extremely fast service, reasonable prices, and even a drive thru (but we decided to eat in). Our only complaints were that there were far too many biscuits for the amount of chicken we ordered and we discovered a fried chicken head (beak and all) in our box. We don't know if that's how chicken's done in the South but we weren't feeling that. Overall, we would highly recommend Bubba's to anyone looking for some quick, tasty soulfood. Just be careful you don't choke on a beak.

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