Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Orleans

Most Overrated City in the World

In the spirit of Martin Luther, we have come up with 12 Theses on why New Orleans is the most overrated city in the world.

1.Drinks are incredibly overpriced.
2.Nobody under 47 parties on Bourbon Street
3.The streets smell horrible.
4.There are puddles of stagnant water containing upwards of 34 exotic diseases.
5.It is way too humid and sticky.
6.You are constantly harassed by hookers who try to make you take test tube shots out of their junk.
7.Jaeger costs over $50 a bottle in liquor stores.
8.Smirnoff Ice goes for 14.99 a six pack leading to a ridiculously low level of iceage.
9.The food is overrated and over priced.
10.Get off Bourbon street and you are in the hood.
11.No windows in the hotel rooms.
12.The bathroom lights create rave settings at all times of the day.

As can be seen, our night in New Orleans was anything but remarkable. For a city known as the Big Easy, we expected more. As connoisseurs of some of the finest partying cities across the globe (Big Spring, Albuquerque, Wimberley, Waco), we have developed a fine palate for partying. New Orleans was a let down. Overall Rating: 6.

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