Friday, October 1, 2010

The Late, Late, Late Show

3AM here. And we all just woke up. Some of us went straight at the beast also known as Oktoberfest yesterday, and let me say there's a reason people don't make it back from there the same way. We had overall an unbelievable performance yesterday, but despite the competition yesterday's winner was:

Turbo (not really much surprise here)

The competition was stiff. J train boot and rallied early, where she won the rounds but lost the war. Mattattack sent the following text messages to Turbo, although we may need a translator

"K aorry thatvankwsbnobawbaw" and
"To I'm an other tharion trying ringer on S2"

Before he gives his acceptance speech for his first winning (of many) awards, I'll just relay his Pontiac game changing performance for our followers. Aside from abandoning Jackson outside of a bathroom and wandering off for a doner (which he probably never found), he took a remarkable 30 minute shower fully clothed when getting back to the hotel. That includes shoes. We'll let you know if the camera is going to make it out alive, but it's uncertain at this point. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

His speech, though very succinct, fully shows his true excitement for this honor: "Oh man, I don't even know what to write to this post." True class act. One of the last left in the biz.

Thank you Detroit we love you.

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