Thursday, October 7, 2010

Goodbye Berlin, Hello Amsterdam

Being the only one in the group currently alive on the train as we travel through the German countryside on our way to Amsterdam, I rightfully accept the honor to keep you updated on our final stint in Germany. And if you couldn't tell by the beginning of this entry, we are succeeding in our mission to spread faded glory across the Atlantic.

Yesterday was our final night in Berlin. After visiting the East Side gallery and eating some kebabs, we headed to Kaisers to pick up our drinks of the moment: the standard alcohol needed for FG's staple-jaeger and effect energy as well as our newfound European inspired choice-eiskorn and fanta. All you need to know about eiskorn is that it is neither a vodka nor rum and can be deadly when mixed with lemon fanta.

And who is the ultimate person who can attest to this? (It really shouldn't be hard to figure out)


Not only did Jackhammer take some incredible footage of him last night performing a brillant dance, but he decided it was necessary to get out of the cab halfway back to the apartment. Why? Well, apparently we won't ever know since 3 minutes later he blamed Mattattac for not being able to get a cab. So they walked around Berlin with Mattattac acting as a tour guide for an hour and a half until 4:300 leaving only an hour of sleep to be achieved at the apartment before we needed to leave to catch our 8:30 train.

If this is how we said goodbye to Berlin, it's going to be an interesting start to Amsterdam.

Thank you Detroit, we love you.

Note: another camera has joined Turbo's. J-train's nikon fell onto tile, we are contemplating on whether to take it off life support. We're looking for an excellent surgeon when we return-so Ace we hope you know a guy.

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