Sunday, October 10, 2010

Euro Jaeger and Energy Drinks

Blogosphere -

Sorry for the lack of update whilst in Amsterdam. That city sure can entertain. The purpose of this post is not a recap of our latest travels; instead it will be a review for all those daring to dabble in jaegerbombs abroad.

(1) Jaegermaister - classic version as in the States. Not a noticeable difference but its only 700ml in Europe. Not up to par.
(2) Underberg - possibly the worst alcohol shot ever to be consumed. Popov would get embarrassed. In the words of Turbo, it tastes like "the worst Jaeger you've ever had, mixed with cough syrup and then eating pine needles." Others just thought it tasted like gasoline.
(3) St. Hubertus Tropfen - a true Jaeger knockoff. Tastes decent, and is a euro per 4 shots. Great in a pinch or platform to a train.

Energy Drinks:
(1) Red Bull - Can't go wrong. Neva.
(2) Effect - Comes in a Red Stripe bottle, and packs a punch. Big in East Berlin.
(3) Rodeo - Like the Euro version of Red Bull. Comes in small can, just like Red Bull. Damn good.
(4) Bullit - Questionable at first glance as the can has the classic picture of a naked dude with 4 legs on the front. But it is the Rockstar of Europe, so we endorse it.

Stay classy bloggers.

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