Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Berlin survival

To my happy bloggers,

I hope all is well. Do not worry, even though Obama has our back and is issuing warnings, we are still alive and going strong. First off, Id like to thank the Giants for the playoffs. Second, Id like to blame the Germans for switching the y and z on the keyboard. Thats just uncalled for.

Berlin has been great, Mattattack has broken his blackout streak, but its okay since all good things come to an end. Right now, Berlin has been treating us quite well. We stopped at a bar today that inspired a new themed bar we will be opening in New York City named Nasdaq-eries, and trust me, it will be the Rudys of NYC.

We watched a Berlin soccer game last night, and despite the aggressive pregraming Jackhammer fell asleep at the game. The invigorating 0-0 while tied was not exactly the most thrilling adventure thus far. However, even after Turbos tragic pants incident, he has been doing extremely well with no pants, and his endless supply of shorts have done him well. God bless him, he really has been a trooper.

Tonight we are going Jaegerbombin with a newfound love of one of the peeps in our crew, but we will not reveals who future wife it is yet. We need to make sure the chemistry is definitely there. We will say this though, I have seen some great romances in my day (I mean Ive watched Love Actually and multiple Freddy P movies) but Ive never quite seen a match like this. One of us may not come back.

Thank you Detroit, we love you. Until next time.

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